Saturday, August 7, 2010

Art Doll Merina Darkmoon Mermaid

I created Merina Darkmoon by first constructing the body from cloth and polyfill. I found recycled fabrics in my stash of donated shirts,skirts,paints and scarves and put together a beautifully original mermaid tail and real sea shells and crystal like beads to make her sparkle a bit.Her hair was cut up pieces of fabric strips that I braided and then hand sewed onto her head individually. I like to use two different colors or different fabric with patterns to make the locks have an energy to them. Her face was created using acrylic paints. I am really proud of the detail I was able achieve with this one. It took me about 4yrs to finish this one. I hope you enjoy viewing her. She is for sale at my etsy shop at