Saturday, January 31, 2009

Centaur Enjoying The Weather

Here is a centaur doll that I have been creating for about a year now. I took an old stuffed horse doll that my son no longer wanted and altered it sewing my own handmade cloth doll head to it. I attached the hair one piece of yarn at a time. I still need to finish embellishing her dress and work on her tail. I will keep you all updated.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Panickista Darkmoon

Hello all I am going to talk to you today about a doll that I have almost completed. Her name is Panickista Darkmoon. She is a two-sided doll. She is cloth doll which I sew by hand. Every detail of her from her hat down to her shoes are hand sewn. The skulls on one side are handmade by me. She is asking me for a cane and perhaps a chair to sit on to rest her tired feet. She has been speaking a lot to me so I think I must obey. I love find old clothing and things that most people consider junk and making it into a wonderful piece of art. The dolls remind me that life is worth living and how fortunate I am to be alive. Although most of my dolls are look dead they are so full of life. The so many stories to tell. Until next time my devoted readers.



Monday, January 26, 2009

My art My life

I have several different art projects that I have been working on. I am wondering when they will all be done. Some things I think I should just throw away. Yet when I approach the trash can I can not do it. I can not do it because each creation has life to it. It has my energy on it. It has life. The frustration of being an artist with so many ideas takes its toll at times. Yet creativity will never leave me alone. It comforts me in times of stress. I use to comfort myself with food a lot of the time to soothe make this frustration disappear. This is something a lot of people do. By saying this I am not justifying what I use to do I am merely stating a fact. These days I have opted to fuel my body with what it needs and nothing more and continue to solve my problems with creativity. Feeling sad and angry are natural. I can not run away from those feelings. Yet I can channel those feelings through my art.
It has been raining for about a week and the sun has come out today. Through watching the rain and recovering from a cold I faced some powerful emotions. These emotions came around to remind me of the blocks that I still have. These blocks are blocks from my past that I am breaking through by being true to myself and not trying to cover things up with a second helping of food. The rain brought about some very insightful dreams. These dreams were filled with many symbols with meaning of which I can easily decipher myself. And no doubt will show up in my art eventually.