Monday, January 10, 2011

Monster face purse

I have been working on the monster face purse and realized that it won't be able to hold much as a purse. I put two pockets on the inside but because the faces are so lumpy and bumpy on the outside the inside is a bit lumpy and bumpy as well. So I guess you could fit lipstick and eyeliner and possible a cell phone in it. The kind woman who wants it has been so patient. I really went all out with the embroidered face. Here is what it looks like. I will take photos of the inside soon. I was gonna put a zipper on it but not sure it will work. I makes a nice doll head to hang on the wall for art if it's not used as a purse. I use all reacycled fabrics and materials to create it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Art Doll Marva Darkmoon two-sided

Marva Darkmoon was created using recycled fabrics and materials. Wooden beads were used to adorn her hair and dress.

She is a doll with two side meaning you turn her around and there will see another face and another personality.

Her face and hands was hand painted on recycled cloth with acrylic paints.

Her dazzling smile was created using white plastic beads.

She is for sale I just took photos of her and went to post her on my etsy store but unfortunately the size of the photo was too big. I have to figure out how to manually resize the photo.
I used recycled plastic grocery bags for the braided hair.