Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hello ,
I have been gone for some time due to the chaos of life. In the midst of it all I continue to create.  I am currently working on finishing up projects to put on my website for my higher end creations.  I have decided to work on putting my lower priced creations onto my etsy store as well. 

I also have some ACEO's for sale on my Facebook page as well.  I am getting more and more organized everyday and plan on getting more involved in the art community online and locally as well. 

I have recently posted some items on my etsy store which I will show you here.  One is a Wiccan Pentagram Goddess embroidered purse.  I created the purse with my own hands. No sewing machine was used in the making of this creation.  Please do take a look. 

I have a purse I have been working on for months almost completed which I will post a photo of once completed.

I have a few photos of the dolls that are on my etsy store for sale currently and ones that I am working on.

I hope all is well with you all and that you are enjoying the Spring Season!
Warm Regards,