Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hello All.  So if you don't know I host a show every Tuesday on my youtube channel under the name Darkmoon Doll.  I like to share step by step tutorials, I talk about why I think it is so important for people to express themselves when they are feeling really extreme emotions like anger or sadness. And I feel that we should express ourselves in a productive way.  

On today's show I share some of the art that I am currently working on and the importance of getting out toxic feelings and anger or else it can manifest into disease if not healed and treated in a kind and compassionate way.

I hope everyone finds time to get out and be creative.  I love to create in Mother Earth if at all possible weather permitting of course.

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything in this blog here. So for the loyal followers my apologies.  I am balancing a lot of different projects at the time that I never thought I would. I want to catch you all up with some of these projects that have been completed and that I am so pleased with .

The first project I would like to discuss with you all is a deck of oracle cards that I designed for a friend of mine by the name of Yvette Smith.  I created 44 cards with 44 different images to express each card. This was unlike anything I have ever did artistically. I must admit that some cards were more challenging than others.  I am very happy with how they are turned out and so is Yvette.  Here is some photos of the cards.  The are for sale on Yvette Smith's etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com/listing/250584571/pre-order-special-eye-of-the-seer 

So this deck is on sale on the link above until October 31st after that I believe the decks will be for sale on ebay.  The name of the deck is Eye Of The Seer.

So I am very excited about this for sure.  Please do check it out .

I will be sharing more posts soon.  Thank you for stopping by and feel free to stop by my etsy shop.