Friday, June 17, 2016

Hand Painted Stone Fridge Magnets

Today I posted my hand painted stone fridge magnets.  Each magnet is different and has its own energy.  I collected these stones from The American River in California.  I like to occasionally take hikes there.  I usually just paint on the stones that I find.  This time I thought that it would be cool to make this art more funcitonal.

I mean what's more groovy than a magical stone magnet on your fridge.  Every time you look at it you will feel, love, protection, serenity within your home.

I create art to express the world I see around me. I feel that more and more people are really needing works of art within their homes to help purify and cleanse there living space.  Too often we take in so much negative energy and forget to ground ourselves outside our living space.  I hope that these hand painted magnets can bring about that awareness that we are all energy.

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Thank you for supporting handmade art

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Alien Goth Gnome Cloth Embroidered Doll Key Chain

This Alien Gnome Cloth Embroidered Doll Key Chain was created using metallic embroidery thread,recycled fabrics and,key chain

Her Candy Corn Gnome hat face and arms are all hand embroidered.  Her dress is made from hand sewn upcycled fabrics. The key chain is sewn on the top of her hat securely using a jump ring.

This Alien Gnome Cloth Embroidered Doll Key Chain is 3 inches in length.

Thank you for supporting upcycled, recycled and handmade art


Angelic Musical Muse Art Doll And Vodou Inspired Paper Beaded Necklace

Hello Everyone,
Today I am going to share with you a creation that was recently purchased from my shop.  I am still working on her.  I mentioned her on my youtube channel show by the name of Art Talk.  A kind woman asked if I would put her on reserve as well as a Vodou inspired paper bead and polymer clay necklace.  All I have left to do with this doll is to let the rhinestones dry on the back of her wings and make the guitar strap for her little guitar that I created using an old toy guitar that I painted with a design that matches perfectly with her.

I am really excited that people are interested in what I create because I feel that my art is here to help heal and inspire.  We are all inspired by our environment so that is why I encourage everyone to try creating art out in nature. 

Mother Earth has a lot to teach you.  And when creating art outdoors what I am being taught is to listen closely to my intuition. I feel guided to continue to live a life doing things that bring me joy.

Thank you all for the love and support regarding my artistic endeavors.

Brightest Blessings,


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