Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello Everyone,
Today I am going to write about the process of two repainted dolls that I have been working on.  Both dolls were donated to me by my friend Amelia Paz's mother.  She fixes and repairs vintage porcelain and plastic dolls. These two she couldn't fix so she gave them to me to do whatever I wished with them.
One of them has porcelain legs,arms and head and a cloth body.  And to me the face kinda looked like a cabbage patch doll only better.  So here is a step by step for the this doll:

1. I papier mached her face,head,arms,and legs.
2. I applied a thick layer of white acrylic paint
3.  I handpainted her face,arms and legs with acrylic paints
 So I will have updated photos of this one in my next blog entry once I take photos of what more I have done. All I can say as a sneak peak is that  she now has clothes and a bit of hair.

For the plastic doll that Amelia's mom donated to me here is the process so far:

1. I papier mached her face and hands.
2. I then applied a coating of Stone acrylic spray paint for texture
3. I let it dry and then added a coating of white acrylic paints
4. I then  I carefully added detailing in her face and hands and her undergarments with acrylic paints.
As with the porcelain doll I will keep you posted on this one as well in my next blog entry.

Oh and I hope everyone is not getting frenzied from the upcoming holidays.  I keep things chill by tapping into my creativity everyday.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tribal Dolls Art By Trina Sandress

Hello All just wanted to show you one of the repainted art dolls that I have been working on for over a year now.  I found her at a thriftstore and hand painted her body and face.   I then rewigged her hair because she had bald patches. I used synthetic turquoise and purple hair and then braided it and attached my handmade polymer clay beads.

I am now working on the wings.  I am constructed the wings out of wire hanger,wood glue and vintage lace.  I will be attaching a doll hanger on her so that she can be hung like a painting.

I also was given some dolls from my friend Amelia Paz's mother who restores dolls.  One is a porcelain doll that looks like a cabbage patch doll and the other is just a regular baby plastic doll.
I started by patching up the cabbage patch looking doll with wood glue. After her leg has dried I papier mached her head,face,arms,legs,and feet.  I did the same with the other doll except she didn't need any repairs. They have both been drying outside in the sun.

Hope you all find time to get out in nature. Because surely is inspiring!

 Brightest Blessings Trina Sandress

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hello Everyone,
As you can see I haven't been writing in my blog lately.  Just haven't had the time or should I say I haven't made the time. A lot of fun and exciting things have been happening for me and my creations. I almost feel as though I need to write several blog entries just to catch you all up on what's been going on with me.  I have an art show that my art will be appearing in on Sept. 21 at Bon Vida .  For more info contact me at  I will include some photos from some of my creations on display.

I had closed down my etsy shop for a while to organize my dolls and art. None to fear it is open again.  We have been decluttering and now I can find all of the projects that need to be completed.  I am so content when my environment is organized and neat so I can find all that I need whilst I am creating.  I am limited on space and I don't have the luxury at this moment of having my own art studio so I make do with what space I have in the garage and I have devised a system that is working for me for now.

In the process of decluttering I was able to find this handbag that I had been working on for over a year.  I will post the pictures with this entry.  And people have been showing interest in my handmade handbags and purses.  I make all of my handbags and purses using recycled fabrics,recycled materials,found broken objects,seashells,sea glass,acrylic paints,my handmade polymer clay beads and they are all handsewn not a sewing machine involved in any part of the process.
This particular bag I used a pair of khaki pants and a base for the bag.  I cut up strips of fabric and then handsewed each square using fluorescent  embroidery threads. The inside of the handbag is lined with black jean fabric with a pocket to fit  a cell phone and keys.   I attached a zipper up top to secure all of your goodies.  
The other side of the handbag has a fortune teller with an evil eye in the palm of one of her hands.  I will post a photo of the other side soon.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hello ,
I have been gone for some time due to the chaos of life. In the midst of it all I continue to create.  I am currently working on finishing up projects to put on my website for my higher end creations.  I have decided to work on putting my lower priced creations onto my etsy store as well. 

I also have some ACEO's for sale on my Facebook page as well.  I am getting more and more organized everyday and plan on getting more involved in the art community online and locally as well. 

I have recently posted some items on my etsy store which I will show you here.  One is a Wiccan Pentagram Goddess embroidered purse.  I created the purse with my own hands. No sewing machine was used in the making of this creation.  Please do take a look. 

I have a purse I have been working on for months almost completed which I will post a photo of once completed.

I have a few photos of the dolls that are on my etsy store for sale currently and ones that I am working on.

I hope all is well with you all and that you are enjoying the Spring Season!
Warm Regards,