Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Art Doll Rotunda Darkmoon

Rotunda Darkmoon was created using recycled fabrics and acrylic paints.

Each braid on her hair was created seperately and then sewed onto her head.

She is handsewn just all of my other creations are.

I hope you take time to go look at her on my etsy shop. I can use the help because I am produce more dolls that I can keep up with.

Almost a new doll every day is produce some I may finish and other are like sketches trying to get some ideas out of my overly creative brain.

I hope you enjoy!

Warm Regards,



  1. As always, your doll is amazing. Seems like you should be teaching this craft at a community or art center locally. I think others would be happy to learn how to do this. Especially since you do it all by hand!

  2. Thank you so much! It means a lot to hear what others think about my creations. I have been thinking the same thing. I will keep you posted on what I do.