Friday, July 15, 2011

Cloth Art Doll Mystickal Darkmoon

I just listed one of my newest creations "Mystickal Darkmoon".
I have been wanting to get a working sewing machine but through this longing for creating a piece much faster I have found patience and tranquilty sewing by hand. I think that a lot of my own energy is being put into the dolls I make by hand because the connection of the fabric in hands.
I used recycled fabrics,yarn and acrylic paints.
The story of the doll doesn't occur to me until I have completed her or him and I like it that way. But on the other hand I have been making some sketches that will be interesting to bring to life as a doll.
I am even thinking about writing little books to go with each one. My son is really good with origami and made me an origami book I could use for one of my dolls and I think that they can even turn into a comic as well.
Please stayed tuned on that project. In the meantime here is a photo of Mystickal Darkmoon her two-sides.
I hope that everyone has a creative day today!!!

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