Friday, August 5, 2011

Art Dolls,Cloth Art Dolls, And Handmade Paperclay

I recently made some paperclay using glue,newspaper,dishsoap,bleached flour and a bit of water. It made so much paperclay and I made a bunch of cool art dolls with it. It took these creations two and half weeks to dry. I think the next time I will spread the clay on fabric or polymer clay. One so it will last longer and secondly so that it will dry a lot faster.
I also decided to share some photos of the cloth dolls I have been working. Been wanting to add more embellishments to the dolls and possibly so props for the dolls.


  1. Really kewl dolls, girl! Is that your husbands band playing guitar in the background? Love that music. xoxo

  2. Thank you much!!! I am about to put some more up soon. I had an injury with my ring finger on both hands. So now that I am pretty much healed up I can get back to finishing up some projects.
    No but he is in a band and that sounds similar.