Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Art Dolls And Creative Fatigue

I have been very exhausted lately and quite overwhelmed by the amount of things I have accumulated through the years and I have come to realize that all of the clutter definitely describes what is going on in my mind. So to dissolve this cluttery feeling one by one I have been ridding my art supply of excess garbage.
Projects that could soon be something grand by right now it just a bunch of recyclables and that is what I have made these things into in my mind. Something grandiose but that must wait. I am taking one project at time and clearing things away.
I can't keep everything!
I am still as creative as ever. But I have just been wanting to draw a lot to ease my mind.
Here's a few I have been working on and also a photo of one of the dolls I recently completely and listed on etsy. http//

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