Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hello All,
Short story about how I burned some polymer clay beads. I got this clay from Japan that I thought was polymer clay. It felt as soft as Sculpy III . So anyway I have a separate toaster oven to bake my clay beads in so I put them in for the regular amount of time and the same heat and guess what they caught fire. Totally flamed up. I rushed the toaster outside and thankfully nothing too tragic occurred.
I was very disappointed of course because all of the time and effort I put into creating these beads I felt was wasted. So I came back to the beads in the morning and all of them are charred. Because I was able to have a night's rest I was able to come back to them with fresh eyes. I have decided to just paint and seal them because although are not their original design and size I know I can use it for this shadow box I have been working. Here are some photographs of the burnt beads and the mixed media shadow box art I have been working.
Hope everyone is finding time to get out and appreciate mother nature. I saw a squirrel being attacked by a little tiny bird that looks like a parakeet. Never know what natures playground will show you.
Warm Regards, Trina

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