Friday, April 19, 2019

Finally Got A New Phone Creating Art As Always

Hello all,
I had lost my phone through the recent move and I just now got a new one.  I will still be taking photos of my art via my camera phone.  Until I can afford to get a new camera that is what I still have.  The good news about living in an area where the rent is cheaper I will be able to save money a bit better. Even though me and my family are living in a much scarier area of town.  Gotta keep my wits about me for sure around here.

I am continuing to unpack and get ready to have a giveaway on one of my Youtube channels.  I have to start doing giveaways because I create art everyday and I cannot keep it all.  I am in no position to keep it all nor have I ever wanted to keep every single bit of art that I have created. I did not have as much success with my etsy shop as I thought that I would. A part of me thinks that maybe I could have worked harder with promotion but I have more things to do in my day than to post and promote all day.  I just don't know if it is truly worth to continue with etsy seeing how I have been there since  2005 and my sales don't reflect the time and effort that I put into my etsy shop.

I have tried other places but maybe I haven't given them enough time and etsy.    I still have art up on etsy for sale so you can still purchase some of my creations there.  I just want to start looking into getting a website.  I wanted to use this blog as a website but I have to look more into it.

Until I can post up to date photos of art I am currently working on I leave you with some drawings of winged beings that I may or may not approach tattoo galleries with to see if I can sell them.

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