Monday, May 10, 2010

Chakka Darkmoon

Hello it is a new year and I have not post anything. It is already May and I wonder where all of the time has gone. I am so busy with raising my son and keeping up with basic household chores that I haven't had time to post some thoughts or images about my creations that I have been posting on etsy. I get a bit overwhelmed with life and some things get put to the side but today I thought would just discuss one creation I have completed and you can see also on my etsy as well. The creation I would like to talk about today is Chakka Darkmoon.

Chakka Darkmoon is a doll that has gone through considerable transformation. When I was in my backyard watering my garden about two years ago I looked over at my compost pile and found a doll lying on top of it. I surprised to see it there. It definitely meant to be for me to create another repainted art doll. I had no idea how or what she was to become but I was excited non the less about a new project.

I first applied a coating of green oil paint to her from head to toe. Luckily it was summer time because if not it would have taken a life time to dry. The drying on that was about a month in the direct sun.

Next, I applied each individual tattoo design instinctively using oil paints as well. I waited another month before she was completely dry. It wasn't until last year that I added her black faux fur mohawk. The finishing touch was created this year with the some bird feathers that I found in my backyard. I believe two of them to be Mourning Dove feathers and the small fuzzy one on her forehead is a turkey feather.

When she was complete I felt like I was staring back at another side of myself. It was the growth of two years through created Chakka that I saw all life's lessons learned.

I realized that the symbols that I instinctively painted on her body were universal and that anyone could feel a connection to the spiritual tribalness of her.

She,to me, expresses what we as humans really were once upon a time when we did not feel the need to commit to the ways of living the 9-5 techno instant gratification computer age world.

I long for a time when the earth gets back to basics and is allowed to heal.

I hope you enjoy her as much as I enjoyed creating her. I will try to write everyday about the creations I have listed on my etsy and the works I have in progress. Thank you all who have taken the time to stop by to read my words and see my creations.

Love to you and yours,

And remember, within the dark you can find the light.

xoxo Trina


  1. The doll looks fantastic. I love the markings!

  2. thank you Miss Val's Creations! She was quite fun to create!