Thursday, June 3, 2010

Skully Darkmoon Clay Lint Art Doll

To create Skully I piled up all the dryer lint I had been saving for a week into a bowl along with a whole bottle of glue. I mixed the glue and lint with my hands and it is very stick and messy but I like sticky and messy. I never was a clean and neat artist. All that matters is that the finished art creation is not sticky and messy. After I mixed the clay to the right consistency I formed the body ,legs,arms,and head all in one form. It took about 3weeks to dry because of the weird weather we've been experiencing here in California. Once the body was dry I put a primer of white acrylic paints on the entire body. This layer of paint took about a week to dry. And then I put in the finer details with painting the shirt with black and red stripes and skull and the black paints and shoes. I like lint clay better than polymer clay for the fact that it dries very had and solid and is not as fragile. I posted Skully on my etsy shop.

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