Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello Everyone,
Today I am going to write about the process of two repainted dolls that I have been working on.  Both dolls were donated to me by my friend Amelia Paz's mother.  She fixes and repairs vintage porcelain and plastic dolls. These two she couldn't fix so she gave them to me to do whatever I wished with them.
One of them has porcelain legs,arms and head and a cloth body.  And to me the face kinda looked like a cabbage patch doll only better.  So here is a step by step for the this doll:

1. I papier mached her face,head,arms,and legs.
2. I applied a thick layer of white acrylic paint
3.  I handpainted her face,arms and legs with acrylic paints
 So I will have updated photos of this one in my next blog entry once I take photos of what more I have done. All I can say as a sneak peak is that  she now has clothes and a bit of hair.

For the plastic doll that Amelia's mom donated to me here is the process so far:

1. I papier mached her face and hands.
2. I then applied a coating of Stone acrylic spray paint for texture
3. I let it dry and then added a coating of white acrylic paints
4. I then  I carefully added detailing in her face and hands and her undergarments with acrylic paints.
As with the porcelain doll I will keep you posted on this one as well in my next blog entry.

Oh and I hope everyone is not getting frenzied from the upcoming holidays.  I keep things chill by tapping into my creativity everyday.


  1. Wow Trina. What a difference you have made. I especially like the one in the previous post with the purple hair and lots of beads.

  2. Thanks Judie. So nice that you still stop by. Hope you are enjoying your holiday season. :D