Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tribal Dolls Art By Trina Sandress

Hello All just wanted to show you one of the repainted art dolls that I have been working on for over a year now.  I found her at a thriftstore and hand painted her body and face.   I then rewigged her hair because she had bald patches. I used synthetic turquoise and purple hair and then braided it and attached my handmade polymer clay beads.

I am now working on the wings.  I am constructed the wings out of wire hanger,wood glue and vintage lace.  I will be attaching a doll hanger on her so that she can be hung like a painting.

I also was given some dolls from my friend Amelia Paz's mother who restores dolls.  One is a porcelain doll that looks like a cabbage patch doll and the other is just a regular baby plastic doll.
I started by patching up the cabbage patch looking doll with wood glue. After her leg has dried I papier mached her head,face,arms,legs,and feet.  I did the same with the other doll except she didn't need any repairs. They have both been drying outside in the sun.

Hope you all find time to get out in nature. Because surely is inspiring!

 Brightest Blessings Trina Sandress

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