Friday, June 17, 2016

Hand Painted Stone Fridge Magnets

Today I posted my hand painted stone fridge magnets.  Each magnet is different and has its own energy.  I collected these stones from The American River in California.  I like to occasionally take hikes there.  I usually just paint on the stones that I find.  This time I thought that it would be cool to make this art more funcitonal.

I mean what's more groovy than a magical stone magnet on your fridge.  Every time you look at it you will feel, love, protection, serenity within your home.

I create art to express the world I see around me. I feel that more and more people are really needing works of art within their homes to help purify and cleanse there living space.  Too often we take in so much negative energy and forget to ground ourselves outside our living space.  I hope that these hand painted magnets can bring about that awareness that we are all energy.

These magnets are available at

Thank you for supporting handmade art

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