Saturday, July 23, 2016

My Camera Is Broken Re Listing On Etsy Shop

Hello All, If you are still following my art blog here I just wanted you all to know that my camera is no longer working so that means lack of how to videos.  And I will be re listing items on my shop that have expired. I have also lowered the prices on all of the relisted items. And each piece of art you purchase comes with a free gift.

Today July 23 is my birthday.  I feel like I need to recharge myself with Mother Earth.  I have been using art as therapy to deal with issues that I have.  Here is a few:   arthritis in both of my knees and ankles, PTSD, social anxiety, dyslexia, and anxiety.  It has been working for me.  I release what I need to let go of and process those feelings and emotions in a positive way. 

Please do come by my shop and support my creations so that I can afford to buy a new camera.  I depend on the camera for my income.  Right now I am kind of at a stand still.

Here are a few of the newer pieces of jewelry I was able to upload before my camera went down.

Thank you everyone of all the love and support of my artistic creations.


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  1. Hi Trina. I cant believe I am just now finding your blog. I would have been coming here long ago but now I have bookmarked. You know I admire your creations, especially those funky purses you make. But without dreads, your awesome beads are beyond me. They would slide right out of my slippery white girl hair. LOL I'm sorry about your camera. It happened to me also so I have been using my phone. Works ok for now. Also FYI I have discovered that eating shellfish (especially mussels) helps my own arthritis which is in my hands. Mussels are an anti-inflammatory. Look it up, you may be surprised. Many blessings to you girl. Judie xo